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Life skills to reach Your full potential

We support individuals to overcome the barriers to basic needs and lifeskill-building to prevent and improve mental health  and addiction concerns so they can become a vehicle for change for themselves, their families, and generations to come. We focus on the prevention and intervention of mental health issues.

Who We Are

We believe individuals can create an Ideal Life with the right resources and support system.

Ideal Life Foundation supports children, teens, adults and their families with the essential needs of life to prevent and improve mental health and addiction challenges  to reach their full potential.

We believe that in order for individuals to live a successful life and become positive contributors to their community and society, an integration of services that support and enhance their global wellbeing should be available to them.

We believe that a place that provides the basic needs such as food and clothing, and improves positive social relationships, while also providing opportunities for nourishing talents, spirituality, and learning practical work and life skills are necessary for the healthy development of individuals.

what we do

Overcome the barriers To basic needs and skill building

We support individuals to overcome the barriers to basic needs and skill building so that they can become a vehicle for change for themselves, their families, and generations to come.

access food, clothing, school supplies, and Skills education

We are helping individuals create an Ideal Life by accessing food, clothing, school supplies, recreational activities, skill building classes  and education, so they can thrive in society.

Improve Positive social relationships

We create a space where individual’s self esteem is improved with the positive social support and social acceptance they receive. 

Nourish talents and improve spiritual wellbeiNg

We are helping individuals integrate meaning and purpose in life through their spiritual connection and the talents they possess.

Counselling Services

Our couselling approaches include Cognitive therapies and Attachment principles  



Self esteem


Starting Counselling is a big step

Meet Golda Martey

I am an online therapist with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. A Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.
I specialize in anxiety, trauma, depression, self esteem, parenting, and relationship issues.

With years of experience in the helping field and a passion to create opportunities for change my work has been specific to helping children, teens and their families heal from trauma and various mental health challenges.

Success Stories

Golda has been fantastic in being able to point me towards the right tools and resources when it comes to my mental health. She has also been readily available to have non-judgemental conversations regarding how to take care of my mind and to be mindful and empathetic of my journey in life as well as the journey of others.

I'm also fortunate enough to be a member of the Heal My World Book Club which is shifting and shaping my perspectives on forming positive relationships.
She's definitely passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable about creating a community with networks where each and every individual can attain an ideal life full of love, health, peace, joy and success in all aspects of live. Highly recommend!

Harmony is the one word that best describes Miss Golda Martey. She is an embodiment of rare talents, strong virtues and valuable principles. These attributes have made her stand out in all she has done since I have known her.
As a friend, I have known her to be focused, studious, curious and hard-working. I have for countless times fallen on her for counsel regarding psychology and well-being and her counsel has always been useful to me.

Her strong spiritual virtues and faith in God makes her unique in this field as her inspiration proofs more efficient. She is resilient, dedicated, affable and reliable. As a woman, she is committed to helping create a better world through her numerous social entrepreneurial activities: offering trainings on how to create better relationships in all walks of life.
Miss Golda Martey believes that every problem is solvable and she has been successful thus far.

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